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  • Manifesto Co-Author Interview: Alistair Cockburn October 6, 2016An interview with the co-author of the manifesto, Crystal method founder, author, trainer, and global agile speaker Alistair Cockburn.  Alistair provides in depth context into what he was doing prior to, and during the manifesto creation.  Alistair is also presented with the notes Jon Kern shared, and his reaction to some notes is quite compelling […] Agile Uprising
  • Manifesto Co-Author Interview: Jon Kern October 6, 2016Our interview with original manifesto co-author Jon Kern.  Jon covers his perspective leading to, during and after the agile manifesto signing in 2001 at the ski resort in Snowbird, UT.  During the interview, Jon makes mention of his original notes from the event, which are now freely shared on coalition.agileuprising.com. Agile Uprising
  • Agile Certifications October 6, 2016Hosted by Troy Lightfoot, Andrew Leff, Andy Bacon and Mike McCalla, this episode dives into the alphabet soup of agile certifications.  Speaking from the perspective of co-training, Troy brings a unique perspective on the topic while others share the view of the agile practitioner and their views of certifications. Agile Uprising
  • What is the Agile Uprising? October 6, 2016Our hosts; Jason Cusack, James Gifford and Ryan Lockard discuss what the agile uprising is, our mission, how the group was formed and what we hope to achieve with the growing organization.  Topics include the agileuprising.com blog, the emerging coalition.agileuprising.com community and some insights into the agile manifesto author project that is actively underway. Agile Uprising